Readerest Net Worth How Much Is Readerest Worth?

Entrepreneurialism requires simple yet impactful ideas to realize success; one such idea being Rick Hopper’s ReadeREST eyeglass clip magnetic eyeglass clip, an ideal example. Although small in size, ReadeREST made waves after its feature on TV show Shark Tank; thus leading this article to explore his entrepreneurial spirit and strategic partnerships that helped his invention flourish in retail stores nationwide.

Early Ingenuity

Rick Hopper first began exploring invention at an early age while growing up in Anaheim, California. Though lacking formal education beyond high school, Rick found great delight in inventing gadgets – his first invention being a windsail for skateboards! Professionally speaking, Rick got his start working at Home Depot where he refined both sales and carpentry skills before using these assets to launch TrimQuick as his own successful business venture.

The Birth of ReadeREST

ReadeREST was inspired by Rick’s personal discomfort–his glasses would fall frequently off his shirt collar, necessitating an innovative solution: an ingenious paperclip attached with magnets solved his issue while drawing interest and garnering support from many around him. Following its test launch in 2011 and its initial market acceptance of $65,000–ReadeREST officially made its way onto shelves!

Shark Tank Breakthrough

Rick’s appearance on “Shark Tank” in 2012 marked an essential turning point in ReadeREST. Seeking $150,000 in exchange for 15% equity, his pitch stood out; with him falling dramatically to demonstrate how glasses fall from frames. Despite initial skepticism from Sharks like Lori Greiner, after an extended negotiation phase he accepted her offer of $150,000 for 65% ownership which catalyzed its growth further by getting ReadeREST on QVC where it sold out instantly!

Expansion and Impact

Shark Tank,” ReadeREST experienced exponential growth after appearing on “Shark Tank.” Lori Greiner played an invaluable role in expanding their business; Rick outsourced manufacturing operations from his garage into more sustainable operations; product availability expanded into major retailers like Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond while their online reviews maintained high marks; from an initial post-deal revenue figure of $1.4 Million they have since reached $5 Million annually and an equivalent valuation.


Rick Hopper’s remarkable journey from garage tinkerer to successful entrepreneur stands as an inspiring testament to innovation and strategic partnerships. ReadeREST not only solved an age-old issue but also generated immense market value – showing even small products can have significant effects in a market with which many are unfamiliar. Rick’s story serves as a lesson to all would-be entrepreneurs that through hard work and strong partnerships even seemingly small ideas can turn into big successes.

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