Rohit Sharma Wife Who Is Rohit Sharma Married To?

Rohit Sharma, one of India’s premier cricketing talents, also happens to be married and raise a family with Ritika Sajdeh–an experienced sports manager. In this article, Ritika Sajdeh’s life will be discussed; including her professional background, personal life and key role managing brand endorsements of one of cricket’s iconic figures like Rohit.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Ritika Sajdeh first made headlines for her athletic achievements when she won an international tennis tournament at age 11. After growing up around sports in a family that fostered an interest, it came naturally for Ritika to pursue this field professionally – Kunal Sajdeh working in sports management provided Ritika with early exposure in this regard.

Professional Journey

Ritika Sajdeh’s career took an important step when she began handling brand endorsements for various sportspeople, negotiating contracts on their behalf to represent athletes’ best interests, as well as managing public images meticulously. Through working alongside Rohit Sharma initially professionally then intimately after their marriage she continues to manage his career exclusively.

Personal Life and Relationships

Ritika Sajdeh’s personal life exemplifies how well-balanced she has achieved between professional responsibilities and motherhood and marriage responsibilities. After marrying Rohit Sharma on December 13, 2015 and giving birth shortly thereafter (Samaira). Their love story can only be described as magical with Rohit proposing at the ground where his cricket career first started; something Ritika found particularly significant since this would represent starting her journey together at an emotional place for Rohit himself.

Contribution to Sports Administration

Ritika Sajdeh’s impact in sports management, specifically cricket, is immense. By handling Rohit Sharma’s endorsements and public appearances, she plays an instrumental role in crafting one of India’s most celebrated cricketers’ public persona. With an outstanding blend of business acumen and profound understanding of sports industry knowledge, Ritika Sajdeh remains a crucial player behind-the-scenes.

Social Media Influence

Ritika Sajdeh has amassed an incredible following online with more than 2.5 million Instagram followers; not only a significant online influencer but also an influential figure behind-the-scenes. Through social media posts shared on her personal account fans get an exclusive peek into a family whose members frequently appear in public life bringing an additional level of relatability into celebrity lives.

Legacy and Future Prospects

Ritika Sajdeh continues to manage Rohit Sharma’s career and her influence within sports management is only expected to expand further. Being both manager and spouse to such an iconic player allows Ritika an edge when it comes to shaping brand endorsement decisions in cricket, particularly as her daughter grows older. Ritika has skillfully balanced professional commitments with motherhood thus far and we look forward to watching how this continues over time.


Ritika Sajdeh’s story as she progresses from budding sports manager to managing one of cricket’s premier names is truly inspirational. Not only has her journey been marked by hard work and dedication but by an ever-increasing impactful role played by women sports managers; Ritika stands as an exemplar to budding managers looking for motivation on how best to navigate this grueling environment of sports management – her life serves as an exemplar to young aspiring managers that passion plus perseverance can create rewarding career paths both personally and professionally – just look at Ritika!

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