Rowan Atkinson Net Worth How Rich Is Rowan Atkinson?

Rowan Atkinson has become one of the greatest comedy icons worldwide with his impeccable comic timing and distinctive characters. Born January 6, 1955, in Consett, United Kingdom, Atkinson’s transformation from electrical engineer to global comedy superstar boasts many talents that stand him in good stead for success: acting, screenwriting and voice acting careers as well as his net worth of $150 Million make him one of the richest comedic talents worldwide.

Early Academic Pursuits

Raised in an Anglican household, Rowan Atkinson led an exceptional academic life and showed great interest in electrical engineering. After earning his undergraduate degree at Newcastle University and subsequent master’s at Queen’s College Oxford (after initially considering going the doctorate route), Atkinson found greater joy on stage; during this time at Oxford Atkinson began writing sketches which ultimately propelled his comedy career forward.

Rise to Stardom

Rowan Atkinson first rose to stardom with “The Atkinson People,” a radio program from 1979 that highlighted his voice acting capabilities through interviews of fictional characters portrayed entirely by himself. Soon thereafter he made his television debut in 1979 with “Canned Laughter”, setting himself on his path for future success. Not long afterwards “Not the Nine O’Clock News” gained him further popularity while Atkinson showcased his theatrical skills through productions like “The Secret Policeman’s Ball”.

1983 marked an unforgettable year with the debut of “Black Adder”, an immensely successful television comedy show in British television comedy. Black’s film career also flourished significantly during this era with roles both comedic and dramatic being offered him at once to demonstrate his diversity as an actor.

Iconic Character: Mr. Bean

Rowan Atkinson first made Mr. Bean famous when it debuted on TV screens worldwide in 1990, quickly becoming an instantaneous global success and global phenomenon. Not only dominated by television but also two successful movies and an animated series which carried his legacy forward for future generations to enjoy!

Voice Acting and Film Roles

Atkinson has distinguished himself through both live action roles and voice acting. In 1994, his voice captivated a global audience as Zazu in Disney’s “The Lion King.” Since then he has gone on to voice roles such as Four Weddings and a Funeral; Love Actually and Johnnie English parodically parodying spy thriller genre films.

Your Personal Life and Passions

Rowan Atkinson’s personal life is defined by his love of cars. An avid collector, Rowan has owned various luxury sportscars like Honda NSX and Aston Martin DB2. Additionally, his passion for motorsports led to participation in multiple races; eventually selling off a McLaren F1 worth $12 Million following two high-profile accidents from his collection.

Later Career and Current Endeavors

Atkinson remains active within the entertainment industry today, though at a more measured pace. His appearances in “Maigret”, for instance, demonstrate his versatility across comedic and dramatic roles; though these inclinations might change over time. No matter his professional pursuits shift however; Atkinson will forever leave an imprint upon comedy as one of its foremost proponents.


Rowan Atkinson’s rise from studious engineer to comedy legend stands as testament to his multidimensional talents and timeless appeal. Be it onstage, behind microphone, or camera; Rowan’s ability to evoke laughter and bring delight is unrivaled. Rowan remains an esteemed figure within entertainment; his legacy defined by laughter, creativity, and his amazing collection of characters which continue to bring pleasure worldwide.

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