Scott Mcgillivray Wife Who Is Scott Mcgillivray Married To?

Scott McGillivray has long enthralled viewers of HGTV Canada with his home renovation skills and charismatic screen presence, drawing in newcomers through home makeover shows such as Renovation Diaries. However, more recently his personal life – particularly that with Sabrina Deacetis McGillivray – has drawn even greater fan attention; and this article delves further into their lives together, providing details such as family dynamics, anecdotes of daily life together and how love seems to drive everything they do together.

A Viral Wedding Dance

As part of their wedding ceremony in 2009, Scott and Sabrina brought attention to themselves through an emotionally moving first dance which soon went viral across the internet. Scott took dance lessons prior to this milestone event to show his devotion and love; his efforts not only marked their commitment, but demonstrated Scott’s willingness to step outside his comfort zone for his partner; this dance set to Edwin McCain’s “I Couldn’t Ask for More” became an internet phenomenon symbolizing their wonderful union and shared joy.

Family Life and Parenting

Scott and Sabrina’s lives took an exciting new turn after welcoming Myah and Layla into their lives. Social media plays an instrumental role, with Scott often sharing glimpses into daily life highlighting both joys and challenges of parenting. Scott ensures a close-knit family life where professional commitments don’t hinder involvement with Myah & Layla’s lives or daily celebrations with family despite his hectic schedule; often seen celebrating milestones alongside small moments with them all!

Sabrina: Beyond the Spotlight

While Scott often stands center stage on camera, Sabrina has quietly created her own space as an influential force both within their family and professionally. A teacher by trade, Sabrina’s educational impact as well as role as mother has earned her praise; Scott often acknowledges Sabrina for her resilience and dedication as part of keeping their family harmony going strong; her interests like shopping shoes and coffee add another layered dimension that resonate with those following them closely.

Insights and Anecdotes

Undergoing the Newlywed Game on HGTV, Scott and Sabrina shared playful yet intimate details of their relationship, providing fans with insight and anecdotes into what keeps their partnership strong. For instance, Sabrina has often been seen as “bad cop”, likely due to Scott’s more relaxed parenting approach, thus showing their complementary styles as parents and bringing more relatability and humanism into their show for fans who watch each episode of McGillivrays: Family Business.


Scott McGillivray has made headlines through his incredible journey on HGTV, but what makes his true character evident is his life with Sabrina and their children at home. From viral wedding dance videos to parenting advice and personal growth insights, Scott and Sabrina show they face life together despite its challenges and joys as a unit – inspiring many with not just home renovation tips, but an example of living an idyllic family life together.

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