Shou Zi Chew Net Worth How Much Is Shou Zi Chew Worth?

Shou Zi Chew has made waves in the global tech industry over his distinguished business career as CEO of TikTok. Beginning from humble circumstances in Singapore and progressing through top academic institutions and financial/tech firms to becoming CEO at one of the world’s most powerful social media platforms – his strategic acumen and business acumen have guided several enterprises with ease while earning him an estimated net worth of approximately $200 Million for himself personally.

Early Academic Pursuits

Chew’s early academic pursuits in Singapore set him on his journey toward future successes. Starting out at Hwa Chong Institution and then through mandatory service in the Singapore Armed Forces, Chew graduated into higher education internationally at University College London (where he received a Bachelor of Economics) before going on to Harvard Business School to earn an MBA – during this time being given an internship opportunity with Facebook which would shape his future tech entrepreneurship ventures.

Financial Foundations

Before diving headfirst into technology, Chew sharpened his financial acumen at Goldman Sachs as an investment banker and further refined it during his time with DST Global (Yuri Milner’s venture capital firm) where he played an essential role in strategic investments with major tech entities including Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (Groupon), Inc, and Xiaomi; having an impactful effect on tech.

Xiaomi and Beyond

Chew’s career took an enormous step forward when he joined Xiaomi as CFO in 2015. Under his financial oversight, Xiaomi expanded globally while also successfully listing on Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2018. After expanding Xiaomi further under Chew, his leadership propelled it further still; later becoming President of International Business to further propel global business expansion.

Leading ByteDance and TikTok

In 2021, Chew made an important strategic move, joining ByteDance as CFO before being appointed CEO at TikTok shortly thereafter. Under Chew’s direction, TikTok navigated an intense period of scrutiny over data privacy, national security, censorship concerns and bans placed upon their platform by various nations; Chew testified twice before Congress detailing his proactive stance toward internet safety matters and legislative legislation regarding social media use.

Personal and Philanthropic Activities

Chew’s life beyond business is grounded by family and charitable involvement. While attending Harvard, Chew met Vivian Kao whom he married later. They now share two children together as well as giving generously back to Harvard as alumni as well as various education causes in their local community which helped shape them both personally.


Shou Zi Chew has taken an extraordinary journey, from humble origins in Singapore to leading one of the most dynamic and scrutinized companies in digital technology – an example of his resilience and strategic vision. At TikTok he not only displays deep understanding of tech industry issues but is dedicated to leading through complex intersections between tech, privacy and global regulations – his influence upon global tech remains profound and indelible.

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