Sunil Narine Wife Who Is Sunil Narine Married To?

Sunil Narine has made waves both within cricket and outside it for his extraordinary skills as an unconventional spinner and left-hand batsman. In this piece we delve deeper into Anjellia Suchit – his life partner’s career pursuits, personal interests and life with this rising cricket star.

A Trendsetting Partnership Agreement

Anjellia Suchit, commonly referred to as Sunil Narine’s spouse, is also an accomplished fashion designer. Through The Fashion Atelier in Trinidad she has made her mark in fashion industry with its distinct designs and has created quite an online following on social media sites such as Instagram where she engages with fashion enthusiasts and clients through engagement posts like ‘@fashion_atelier_trinidad’; proof that Anjellia takes great pride in her craft!

Marking Personal Milestones

Sunil Narine and Anjellia Suchit’s relationship has long been the subject of widespread discussion within both their fan base and media coverage. Every January 6, this couple celebrates their anniversary close to Anjellia Suchit’s birthday (January 8), creating an ideal start to each new year together. Reportedly married since 2020 despite keeping details confidential; together they now share son Silas Narine born 2021 which brings immense joy into their family dynamic.

Cheerleader and Supporter

Anjellia can often be seen cheering from the stands during Sunil Narine matches, showing her support and passion for his cricket career. Such public show of affection for Narine emphasizes her role not just as his partner but as one who stands as an anchor to him throughout his journey – particularly considering that he continues playing T20 leagues worldwide after retiring from international cricket in November 2023.

Digital Life and Privacy Arrangement

Anjellia stands out in an age when digital presence is ubiquitous by keeping hers discreet yet noticeable. She manages two Instagram accounts (‘@jellia.74’ and ‘@anjellia27’), both private but the latter boasting over 6,500 followers to demonstrate both influence and public curiosity about her life and career.


Anjellia Suchit stands out not only as Sunil Narine’s wife but as an individual in her own right with professional accolades and personal charisma. Their journey together was marked with fashion, family support and mutual affection that has cemented them both into notable couples in both sports and fashion – and continues today to bear testimony to both resilience and dedication in both areas of their lives.

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