Travis Head Wife Who Is Travis Head Married To?

Travis Head and Jessica Davies have become household names since Australia’s success at the 2023 World Cup, led by Head’s stellar performance against India to ensure victory and the personal milestones he shares with Jessica Davies – including their relationship, which this article explores further as well as her professional endeavors and achievements.

Childhood Sweethearts

Jessica Davies and Travis Head share an extraordinary tale, beginning as childhood sweethearts. Initially their friendship blossomed into something romantic years later when Travis proposed on Valentine’s Day 2021 and they exchanged vows at home on April 15, surrounded by their closest family and friends in Adelaide – it truly marked the bond of two best friends uniting through marriage! This event became something to cherish throughout life.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Jessica Davies is not simply Travis Head’s partner; she is also an industrious businesswoman renowned for owning multiple restaurants in Sydney and Canberra that demonstrate both her entrepreneurial prowess as well as her culinary art passion, contributing significantly to Australia’s vibrant food scene.

A Growing Family

In September 2022, Travis and Jessica welcomed Milla Paige Head into their lives, further enriching them both. Travis proudly posted about it on Instagram expressing the happiness that their new daughter brought into his heart – whilst Jessica manages her professional responsibilities along with family duties while fulfilling both roles with pride as new motherhood is her focus now.

Social Media Influence

Jessica Davies boasts a large following on Instagram, engaging nearly 200,000 users through regular posts about both her personal and professional lives. Not only has this been a testament to her influence; her posts often illustrate what life is like as mother, wife and business owner with glimpses into all three roles!

Cheering from the Stands

At the 2023 World Cup Final at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, Jessica was present to support Travis Head. Her presence provided significant morale-boost as he played an instrumental role in Australia’s win and Head was quick to acknowledge their wife’s presence as she served both an emotional and motivational boost during this match-up.

Reflections on an Historic Win

Travis Head’s post-match thoughts were one of gratitude and joy, sharing insights into both his mindset during the game as well as Australia’s collective spirit. Fans and critics alike applauded Travis’ ability to perform under pressure; fans applauded as well his teammates whose support helped ensure victory – for Travis himself it meant more than simply winning cricket matches but rather helping build upon their legacy before an audience that included close family.


Jessica Davies and Travis Head’s journey together has been marked with love, mutual support, and shared success in all spheres of their lives; whether personal or professional. As they navigate both aspects of life together they continue to inspire many through their commitment and devotion both towards one another as individuals as well as toward their careers – with Jessica herself becoming an outstanding example of personal happiness balanced with professional achievement.

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