Warwick Davis Wife Who Is Warwick Davis Married To?

Warwick Davis, an esteemed figure in the entertainment industry, and Samantha, his late wife have made indelible impressions both on and off screen. Their tale, marked by shared creative projects and personal resilience in times of hardship, continues to resonate with fans worldwide. Samantha died tragically at 53 after serving both Warwick’s professional goals as his life partner as well as being his life partner – their journey together is filled with joint ventures and challenges which illustrate a deeply-connected partnership that was truly unforgettable for fans around the globe.

Meeting on Willow

Meeting on Willow George Lucas directed “Willow,” an epic fantasy film which brought these two together and set in motion an ever-lasting and fulfilling partnership both personally and professionally. Three years after meeting they married and began raising a family while continuing in acting and advocacy roles simultaneously.

Family and Acting Legacy

Warwick and Samantha Davis’ marriage has resulted in two children: Harrison and Annabelle Davis who have followed in their parents’ footsteps by entering acting careers themselves. Annabelle Davis made notable children’s television appearances such as on “The Dumping Ground” and “Hollyoaks”, while Harrison made several “Harry Potter” series appearances that prominently featured Warwick himself. Unfortunately their family also experienced immense sorrow through loss of Lloyd as their firstborn and miscarriage – two tragedies which they discussed openly during conversations among themselves about openly discussing these experiences as much as they possibly can about them both.

Advocacy and Support

Warwick and Samantha founded Little People UK in 2012. This organization offers support and resources to those living with dwarfism as well as their families, drawing upon Warwick’s personal experiences of living with Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia Congenita while Samantha battled Achondroplasia; through these actions they have fostered an inclusive community for those affected.

A Legacy of Love and Resilience

After Samantha passed, her family made statements and tributes that painted an intimate and inspiring picture of their late daughter’s character and impactful influence on family, community and fans alike. Warwick spoke eloquently of how his heartfelt memory of their daughter would live on through Warwick and their children; Warwick noted how grateful their children felt that Samantha shared time together during his lifetime despite profound loss; their tributes from Warwick underscored both this loss as well as appreciation of time they shared together; her influence is felt well beyond her immediate family as it extended beyond immediate family to advocates working alongside them and fans following them throughout.


mes Warwick Davis’s career spans movies like Star Wars and Harry Potter. Samantha Davis was instrumental in supporting Warwick through each step in life and in helping shape their collective community they served together, both visible and unseen contributions from Warwick to Samantha are truly unparalleled – they managed all aspects of public life from personal tragedy through advocacy together leaving an influenceful legacy that is sure to stay with future generations – testaments not just of success in spite of obstacles but rather an inspiring testament of partnership and perseverance at creating real and long lasting change over the long haul!

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