Who Is Santoor Mom, According to the Viral Video?

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, certain individuals stand out as beacons of inspiration – captivating audiences with their authenticity and relatability. One such luminary is Rachna (known by her followers as Santoor Mom). Her journey from Delhi to digital superstardom has won her thousands of followers around the globe.

Achieve Viral Fame

Rachna’s rise to prominence can be traced to her unique content centered around her relationship with Rudra and Riddi, her twin children. While Rachna initially entered digital spaces via TikTok, its banning in India necessitated moving to different platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram; later still it was one of these videos showcasing maternal affection that catapulted Rachna into viral fame, although not without sparking misconceptions that required explanation of how their bond functioned that brought Rachna to fame – not without misunderstandings leading up to further clarification regarding their bond dynamics!

Addressing Social Media Criticism

Rachna has faced considerable difficulty navigating social media fame since becoming famous on this platform. Her best attempts to show how nurturing she is as a mother has met resistance, particularly regarding content featuring her son. Yet Rachna met these obstacles head-on by reinforcing her commitment to portray a positive and inspirational image while dispelling any misconceptions regarding interactions with children.

Crafting Your Personal Brand

Rachna’s journey after the TikTok ban involved diversifying her online presence by capitalizing on her background modeling to collaborate with various fashion and beauty brands. Her personal brand — built around beauty, fitness, motherhood — resonates strongly with her audience establishing her as an influencer with wide appeal.

Promoting Fitness and Wellbeing

Rachna is an enthusiastic proponent of physical wellness. Dedicating significant time to her fitness regime shows in her perfectly toned physique. By sharing glimpses of her workout sessions with followers on social media platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat, Rachna not only motivates them toward leading healthier lifestyles but also strengthens her image as an icon for wellness in her local community.

She Is Bound by Love from Her Children

Rachna’s content centers around her depiction of modern motherhood, marked by openness and friendship in her relationship with her children. Not only are her interactions heartwarming but their lessons serve as an inspiring lesson about creating bonds while setting an exemplary path for other parents.

Understanding Social Media Influence

Rachna’s influence can be felt across platforms like Instagram and YouTube, where she has amassed an ever-increasing following. Her ability to connect authentically with various audiences has cemented her position as an authority within social media – showing its positive effects in creating community and engaging its userbase.


Rachna, commonly referred to as Santoor Mom, personifies authenticity and resilience in today’s digital era. From her modest beginnings in Delhi through to becoming one of social media’s rising stars, Rachna serves as an illustration of genuine connections and positive messaging’s ability to forge online communities – inspiring audiences worldwide and providing an inspirational model on how embracing oneself authentically online can transform one’s experience of social media.

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