William Shatner Net Worth How Much Is William Shatner Worth?

William Shatner has distinguished himself with an impressive multidisciplinary career that spans acting, writing and singing – most famous for his iconic portrayal as Captain James T. Kirk in “Star Trek”, while amassing an estimated net worth estimated to stand at over $100 Million today! Thanks to this unparalleled appeal and relentless work ethic.

Rise to Stardom

Shatner began his rise to stardom at age 22. Beginning as a classical Shakespearean actor in Canadian theater productions, his early career included roles on television shows and theater productions, such as playing Captain Kirk on Star Trek: The Original Series from 1966 -1969 which catapulted him to international renown and made him both household name as well as beloved figure within sci-fi communities worldwide.

Beyond the Final Frontier

Shatner had little down time following “Star Trek”. Instead, he quickly expanded his acting repertoire with roles such as T.J. Hooker and hosting Rescue 911; with an Emmy win for Denny Crane from Boston Legal! Additionally he became increasingly successful at directorial endeavors while returning as Kirk in several “Star Trek” movies – showing just how prolific and dynamic an artist Shatner could be!

Multifaceted Talent

Shatner was not only known for his acting prowess; he was also an acclaimed author and recording artist. His literary contributions included memoirs and science fiction novels that cemented his place within this genre that made him such a household name. Likewise, Shatner brought something entirely unique to music with albums such as ‘The Transformed Man” and “Seeking Major Tom”.

Personal Life and Ventures

Shatner has had an equally eventful personal life. Married four times and grieving the loss of Nerine as an accidental drowning victim have all had profound impacts. Their experiences not only formed him into who he is today but have shown their resilience as they move forward through life.

Financially, Shatner has proved himself adept. While reports that he amassed $600 Million through Priceline stocks may be false, his earnings from being an ambassador and spokesperson were significant. Furthermore, his real estate investments across California and Kentucky demonstrate his prowess beyond entertainment.

Legacy and Future Endeavors

At 93 years old, Shatner is undeniably an icon. His portrayal of Captain Kirk from “Star Trek” remains iconic to this day; not just within that series but the greater sci-fi genre as a whole. Additionally, in 2021 he made history by becoming the oldest person ever to fly into space; an achievement fitting of someone who spent so many hours exploring space via film.

Shatner remains relentlessly active as he looks ahead. From taking on new roles, writing books or engaging his fans at conventions – his energy and enthusiasm continue to shine brightly through upcoming projects and continued appearances that ensures his star will continue shining brightly for many more years to come.


William Shatner’s career stands as proof of talent, adaptability, and hard work enduring into later decades. From Star Trek to Broadway productions to film roles – and his net worth of $100 Million being evidence of both these factors as well. It truly speaks of Shatner’s influence and lasting legacy within entertainment industries alike.

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